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Episode 21: The Finale

The Bossy Clucker ladies are back this week, to finish out the Bossy Cluckers. It is bitter sweet to say that we are ending the Bossy Cluckers Podcast, but we are so happy for what this adventure entailed! Highlights: Why the Bossy Cluckers is ending (01:45) How Mother Cluckers Comedy is diverting ( Launching […]

Episode 20.1: Q & A Session, with Nicole Lewis-Keeber

The Bossy Clucker ladies are back this week, to answer questions from you with Nicole Lewis-Keeber a Money Mindset Master. If you have any emotionally charged or relationship-esque related questions for your business, she is here to help! Today Nicole is answering questions, from you the viewers. Stay tuned and listen to see if your […]



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